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Satellite or Cable? A Look at Dish TV

Deciding on satellite or cable? Service with DISH Network transforms your TV into a home entertainment extravaganza. With hundreds of all-digital channels available, you’ll have ample choice when it comes to shows, movies, and sports—and you’ll view them in hi-res picture quality that only satellite can provide. Combine DISH Network’s high definition with its steady stream of offers and you’ll experience the best technology at bargain rates. If you’re still determining whether you want cable or satellite, here’s a look at current dish promotions.  Plus, first-time subscribers can watch the HBO season and Showtime free for three months. A diverse set of International channels adds a nice flavor to your programming package. And don’t forget the local programming. Area channels, if available, run just $5/mo. At DISH Network, there’s something for everyone.

Cable or Satellite? Try Direct Cable TV

Shopping for satellite or cable? Count a rich variety of all-digital channels as one of the top reasons to consider direct satellite service with DirectCable TV. Programming packages vary, but you’ll have more than 265 possible entertainment destinations within easy reach as a Direct TV subscriber. The broad range of channels means there’s something for everyone in your family. This includes your favorite shows, up to 30 premium movie channels, and plenty of games for the sports fan. If you love professional football, Direct TV’s exclusive access to NFL Season Ticket means you won’t miss a single hard hit or one second of breath taking action. DISH promotions abound at Direct TV. This includes a savings of $559 with free premiums and a free receiver lease upgrade. Come see how much Direct TV has to offer.

Cable TV Providers in your Area

Usually, you won’t find multiple cable TV providers in an area. Still, partners with cable companies nationwide to provide you with digital TV, flexible pricing packages and cable promotions. Options like On-Demand Cable and interactive screen guides are common staples available to cable watchers, as is HDTV definition, though not in full 1080 p resolution like DISH Network and Direct TV offer. Now competing in the digital TV market are Fiber Optic Providers. Industry debate is still open as to whether Fiber Optics can deliver higher picture quality than traditional cable. Fiber Optic connections are faster and allow for higher bandwidth than cable, and this may keep Fiber Optic customers in step with changing technology more readily than cable customers.