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DISH Network

DISH Network bundle service provides rural communities with big savings on phone, Internet and TV bundles. Through and exclusive partnership with Frontier, Dish TV subsribers can opt for a satellite bundle that includes high-speed Internet , digital phone service, and HDTV and SDTV programming. You’ll enjoy savings in line with a bundle service cable package, the same convenience of an all-in-one invoice –plus an additional $5.00 off your monthly bill.


Direct TV bundled service offers satellite TV, digital phone service and a high-speed Internet connection to a majority of households around America. Satellite bundled services are a great bet for customers living in more remote locations where cable service is not available. Phone and Internet providers will vary by area, but Verizon, Qwest, and AT&T provide Direct TV customers with the great savings you’d expect from a bundle service package, along with a $5.00 discount on your monthly invoice.


Comcast has added more value to its already stellar lineup of digital phone service, TV and broadband Internet. It’s called a bundled services package and Comcast subscribers can lower their monthly rate by ordering two or more services. Opt for on-demand cable and get unlimited access to an expanding library of movies, sports games and original programming. Comcast’s innovative broadband solutions and its day and night customer support mean subscribers can savor peace of mind alongside the latest technology.


Charter Communications brings you the latest phone, Internet
and TV service. A bundle services package from Charter
provides you with the best technology at rates that won’t strain your
pocketbook. Include optional on-demand cable and you’ll have instant access to
premium channels, a vast library of movies and programming. Combine superior
customer service with Charter’s high-caliber broadband service and subscribers
can rest easy.


Mediacom Communications, serving more than 1,500 communities throughout the country. Our customers have the convenience of having one company and one bill for all of their cable TV, high-speed Internet and phone services.


Insight Communications supplies high-end broadband technology throughout the
Midwestern USA. Their innovative bundled services include digital phone service,
lightning-quick Internet browsing and downloading, plus hi-res cable TV. Insight
guarantees subscribers 24/7 customer care, a steady flux of new upgrades and
cable promotions—at rates suited for any budget.

Sudden Link

Sudden Link’s cutting-edge broadband solutions delight its customers. With a
cable bundle that includes digital phone service, digital television, and
high-speed Internet access, subscribers can enjoy the best broadband technology
available. Customer support is top notch and Sudden Link simplifies its
customers’ lives with a single invoice from one provider. Their bundled service
offers frequent cable promotions and runs at rates suited for all types of


AT&T Uverse bundle services offer TV Internet and phone billing in one easy-to-handle invoice. Uverse triple play TV brings real savings, and it’s a worthy alternative to cable and satellite. Uverse TV and Internet travel through fiber optic lines instead of coaxial cable. This innovation has piqued consumer interest, and Uverse customers are sure to enjoy the full reach of products available through AT&T Triple Play TV. This includes Fiber TV service that displays stunning picture resolution.


Verizon Bundled Service packages and TV Triple Play are available with Fiber Optic Tv Phone and Internet. A TV triple play using Fiber Optics works the same way as bundled service plans from cable and satellite providers. It combines TV, broadband fast Internet and home service phone in a single, easy-to-manage invoice. Fiber Optic bundled service plans are a great way to save money.


Sprint offers a range of wireless and wireline communications services bringing the freedom of mobility to consumers, businesses and government users to their fingertips.


Available nationwide, Hughesnet Satellite delivers broadband Internet everywhere cable and DSL can’t. Hughesnet satellite speed Internet provides an always-on connection. This means you can zip through Web pages, access e-mail quickly and download large files at a much faster clip than dialup allows. Enjoy the best Internet music, watch streaming videos and view high-resolution images—even chat over your phone while online. You don’t need to live in a bustling metro to get high speed dish Internet. Just have a clear view of the southern sky and a dish from a suitable provider you’re ready to harness the full power of satellite and Internet technology.


WildBlue offers high-speed Internet access via satellite. Available to almost every corner of the U.S.!. No more dialing in waiting. No more wondering if high-speed Internet will be available in your town.

Protect America

Protect America’s GE security systems offer flexible equipment packages that you can individualize according to your specific security concerns. Wireless sensors come with every security monitoring package from Protect America. During installation, the wireless sensors are attached to doors and windows, and a wireless motion detector is installed inside your house.