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8 X 8 -Packet 8 Home Phone Service

Stop paying so much for local and long distance. VoIP calling from 8X8 works just like normal phone service except you’ll save big money on local and long distance. In fact, you’ll get unlimited calling throughout the U.S. and Canada at low rates that traditional phone service providers can’t match. Plus, 8X8 offers low-cost options on international calling and fax plans. Joining 8X8 is simple.

Freedom Unlimited

Get unlimited calling throughout the U.S. and Canada, plus low-cost international rates, and features like voicemail, caller ID and call waiting for no extra charge. Monthly fee: $24.99* Order now.

Freedom Unlimited Global:

Get everything that comes with the Freedom Unlimited plan, plus unlimited calls to 40 countries. Monthly service: $39.99*

Freedom Annual:

Pay for a year of 8X8 service upfront and you’ll enjoy all the benefits of 8X8’s Freedom Unlimited plan, plus $100 in savings. Annual cost: 239.99*

Freedom Fax:

Includes 300 minutes of outgoing faxes throughout the U.S. and Canada, plus unlimited incoming faxes. Monthly service: $14.99

Additional VoIP providers

Traditional landline phone providers like Qwest and AT&T also offer digital VoIP plans that make local, long distance and international calls available at fantastic rates. Staples like free voicemail, caller ID and call waiting are a central part of their VoIP packages. See if low-cost VoIP service is available from AT&T and Qwest in your area. Cable TV providers like Charter and Comcast also offer low rates on local, long distance and international calling. Free call-waiting, voicemail and caller ID are standard in any Charter or Comcast VoIP plan. As a stand-alone item, VoIP service from Charter or Comcast may run higher than other providers. However, big savings are available when you bundle VoIP with cable TV and/or broadband Internet. See if Charter or Comcast VoIP is available in your area.

Landline service rates

VoIP service offers low-cost phone service, but it does have a significant hang up: it requires a broadband Internet connection. Some households lack this, but still need adequate phone service. Landlines have provided reliable phone service for as long as anyone can remember. Although VoIP service may have the edge when it comes to savings, landline providers like Verizon offer affordable rates on local and long distance even for high-volume callers. Learn about rates on landline phone service in your area.

Cellular and wireless

Cell phones present a convenient way to stay in touch. They’re great on their own, or they make an ideal complement to a VoIP or landline service plan. partners with many cell service providers. Let us help you get a great rate on cell service.