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Unlimited Phone Calls to Local and Long Distance

Low Cost Long Distance Communications

It’s easier than ever to save on phone service with Providers like Vonage and 8×8, Inc offer flexible and affordable rate plans for homes and businesses alike. This includes crystal-clear digital VoIP service with unlimited local and long distance plans at rates far more affordable than traditional phone providers can offer. Depending on the plan you select, there’s unlimited g lobal calling available, with service up to 58 countries and a wide range of regions and territories.

 Free Digital VoIP Equipment  from 8×8 Inc

Digital VoIP equipment  from 8X8 Inc makes for an unparalleled telephone experience. Phone calls to friends or family members are affordable even if they live in a faraway U.S. state, or somewhere around the globe. Quality low cost home service phone plans are ideal, but the good news gets even better with free digital VoIP equipment from 8X8 VoIP. This includes a phone, an adapter, and router—all free. Setting up 8X8 home digital phone equipment is a breeze. Just connect the Ethernet cable from your modem into the base station, configure the inlaid router and you’re ready to make a phone call to anyone, anywhere.

Free Home Digital Phone Equipment from Vonage

Sign up for a one-year agreement with Vonage and you’ll have access to a wealth of incentives with one of the best VoIP service phone providers. It begins with free home digital phone equipment and no setup costs, but the value continues. Vonage service comes with free activation, and your phone service will be up and running in no time with the phone adapter arriving via free priority shipping.