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Frequently Asked Questions

How is VoIP Digital Phone Different?

VoIP digital phone signals travel through a broadband connection like cable Internet or DSL. A landline service phone runs voice data via analog signals that run through conventional telephone lines. VoIP connections allow greater bandwidth space. This means more users can access the same lines at any given time and the can make more local, long distance and International calls for a lot less money.


What Providers Offer VoIP Access in my Area?

8X8 Inc, Qwest, AT&T, Charter and Comcast are some of the biggest names to offer nationwide VoIP access. Franchise agreements may prevent certain providers from offering their VoIP service in your area. As long as you have a broadband Internet connection, you’re likely to find high-quality and discount VoIP plans in your area.


VoIP Access  without a broadband fast connection?

VoIP access requires a broadband fast connection. If DSL and cable don’t reach where you live, you can still get VoIP through a satellite speed Internet connection from a provider like Hughesnet Satellite.


VoIP isn’t for me. Can landline telephones get me discounted rates?

Landline telephones have provided reliable service for much longer than VoIP has. Some prefer the audio quality of a landline, and also find the service more reliable. VoIP offers huge savings on local, long distance, and international calling. Do any VoIP providers offer similar savings? Verizon landline service comes close with its Freedom Unlimited plans. Like the name suggests, the plans offer unlimited calling: local, long distance and global. Click here to learn about Verizon landline rates and availability in your area.