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VoIP Home Service Phone Saves you Money

A VoIP Home Service Phone will save you big on local and long distance calling. That sounds great, but what is VoIP? And how do you get it? VoIP stands for voice over Internet protocol. Digital VoIP works the same as a traditional home service phone, except it’s transmitted through a broadband Internet connection like DSL or cable. Just pick up the phone and use local and long distance like always—except at significantly lower rates—plus free features like voicemail, call waiting, caller ID, among others. Area service phone providers like 8X8 Inc give you powerful VoIP access plus convenient features like faxing, video calling, and international calling plans. It’s an all-purpose home digital phone with powerful tools that require minimal equipment compared to traditional phone service. Get a VoIP home service phone, unlimited local and long distance at the lowest rates the market has ever offered.


Phone Calls to Anyone, Anywhere with Digital VoIP

Save on overseas long distance

Dialing long distance just got easier and more affordable than ever. In the past, making phone calls to someone far away involved an expensive and sometimes crippling long distance billing plan. Consider those days long gone with a low-cost long distance line from 8X8, Inc. If you’re dialing long distance throughout the U.S. and Canada, the affordable Freedom Unlimited Plan gets you unlimited minutes in both countries, plus low cost international rates. Have friends or relatives scattered around the globe? How about an overseas long distance plan that includes unlimited minutes to 40 countries at any time of day? 8X8’s Freedom Unlimited Global lets you make digital VoIP phone calls to just about anyone, anywhere in the world—at a price that’s easy to live with.


Save on VoIP Systems for Business with 8×8 VoIP

Phones aren’t your business, but they are an integral part of it. Naturally, you need something reliable. Affordability is a vital consideration, but it shouldn’t mean scrimping on quality. The 8X8 Inc Business 2000 plan loads value and options at prices that small and home business entrepreneurs are sure to appreciate. It’s big business solutions at small business rates. This service can be formatted to offer two rollover lines or a single line with an available dedicated fax line, plus voicemail, caller ID, three-way calling and many other features. Like consumers, entrepreneurs can also take advantage of a broadband connection and opt for VoIP Systems for Business. This combines local and long distance service plans, faxing services, video calling and conferencing from a single provider. 8X8 Inc makes business VoIP easier with minimal beginning investment and low monthly service rates.