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Satellite and Internet from HughesNet

Combine the power of satellite and Internet and you’ll enjoy high speed Web anywhere. All you need is a clear view of the southern sky and a satellite from a provider like DISH Network and you’re ready to enjoy high speed DISH Internet. Hughesnet has satellite and Internet plans available for every type of home user and business.


High Speed DSL Internet in Your Area

Need High Speed DSL Internet in your area? Performance and service fees differ by provider and location, but High Speed DSL Internet is a dedicated connection. partners with key providers like Verizon, Qwest, AT&T and others to bring you DSL at competitive rates. Promotions like a free modem or installation may be available depending on the provider. Find out about deals on DSL high speed Internet in your area.


Wireless Air Cards free from

Wireless Air cards provide high-speed Internet just about anywhere you take your laptop, cell, or PDA. makes air card modems available for free with certain providers when you sign up for a service plan. Rate plans are flexible with day passes and unlimited-access plans available. Rates may start for less than forty dollars/month.


Broadband Fast Cable

Like DSL, broadband fast cable Internet is an always-on connection. More than likely, you won’t locate Internet broadband access from more than one provider in your area. Sometimes DSL and Internet cable providers coexist within a single area. This can reduce your monthly service fees. Comcast and Charter offer a steady stream of incentives that may include low introductory rates on service or discounts on equipment and installation. Find out how to save on cable Internet. can help.