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Air Cards free from

Trying to find a provider of high speed Internet in your area? Free air cards from are a great place to start. Air cards let you access the Web from your laptop, PDA, or cell without having to rely on a Wi-Fi hotspot or a shared connection at a worksite. Air cards come in several forms, the most common a palm-sized card that connects to your USB port. Because they’re small, air card modems are a convenient take-along item wherever you go. They avoid the wires and cable that conventional modems require. In general, air cards provide high speed Internet access nationwide, even in some of the country’s most remote spots—and they’re free when you sign up for service. Find out how you can get a free wireless air card from


Internet Broadband Access via Satellite

Internet Broadband Access from Hughesnet satellite is available everywhere. This makes it the best possible choice for high-speed Internet if you live in an area where DSL and cable Internet don’t reach. Internet Broadband access through satellite provides an always-on connection. High speed dish Internet means Web access whenever, wherever. Surf and open Web pages in an instant. Download speeds range from 1.0 Mbps to 5.0 Mbps, so you’ll download large files like pictures or music at a much faster clip than with dial-up. That’s minutes instead of hours. Find out how can get you a great deal on Internet Broadband Access for your home or business.


High Speed Residential Internet: DSL

High Speed Residential Internet is available for a great price when you get DSL service from Verizon, AT&T and Embarq. DSL may strike the ultimate balance between performance and price. It’s faster and less expensive than satellite internet. It’s quicker than dial-up and always on. You can download large files like music, pictures, and video at speeds that sometimes rival cable Internet, often at a lower cost. Service plans differ by area, but AT&T plans may start as low as $19.99/mo. And Verizon currently offers a free Westell modem when you opt for a 1-year service plan. Learn how you can save on DSL in your area.


Broadband Cable Internet Access

Heavy Internet use and frequent downloading of large files call for a hi-speed connection. Broadband Cable internet Access through Charter or Comcast is a secure, surefire way to zip through Web pages, access e-mail, and enjoy features like streaming video, online gaming and fast upload times. Charter and Comcast provide reliable broadband service, plus discounts and incentives for first-time subscribers. Promotions may include a free modem, free installation, and low introductory rates. Discover how you can save on high-speed Internet in your area.