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Wireless Air Cards Free From!

Build a Portable Network with an Aircard Modem

Wireless Air Cards let you take your laptop, PDA, or cell phone anywhere and still get full Internet access.  An AirCard modem provides a portable network without having to rely on a WIFI Internet connection. They’re ideal for frequent travelers, on-the-go executives or anyone who needs fast Web service wherever they go—plus they’re free when you sign up for service with Verizon or Sprint. Rate plans vary, but they’re designed with flexibility in mind. Go ahead and cut the chords associated with traditional service. Air cards get you Internet service nationwide and a reliable connection in some of the country’s most remote spots. Take advantage of the promotion and you’ll get a free air card, that’s a savings of $300.00.

High Speed Dish Internet Promotions

High Speed Dish Internet promotions are available when you sign up for service with Besides offering an always-on, satellite speed connection, Hughesnet does so with flexible rate plans and a steady flux of incentives. Lease the equipment and you’ll get free standard installation; that’s a value of $199. Or, purchase the equipment and it’s yours to keep—and it comes with a $100 mail-in-rebate.

MiFi Card Rebates

What if you and four colleagues could build and access your own high-speed wireless Internet connections wherever you traveled? Imagine if the tool that made it possible was the size of a credit card.  Great news. Thanks to Verizon and Sprint, you can cut the chords associated with traditional Internet service and access the Web anywhere you go.  It’s called a MiFi card.  It’s completely wireless and it’ll fit inside your pocket or wherever you want to set it.  The rates are accessible and is currently offering $50 rebates when you sign up for service.

High speed DSL Internet for Less partners with companies like Comcast and Charter to get you savings on High Speed DSL Internet. One of the best ways to save on broadband fast cable or high speed DSL Internet is to combine it with a digital TV and phone bundle.  If you only need a high-speed Internet connection, offers a variety of cost-cutting ways to do that. Cable Promotions and incentives vary by provider, but may include significant reduced introductory rates, and sometimes free equipment and standard installation.