Bundled Services FAQ


1. I have Internet, TV and Phone Service, Why bundle?

Bundled service from a single provider typically earns you significant savings on the cost of Satellite, DSL or cable Internet and TV, plus digital phone service.  Because you’re getting multiple services from a single provider, you’ll also appreciate the convenience of a single invoice instead of multiple bills

2. What is a Triple Play Cable?

Triple Play Cable is an industry term used to define packages that combine digital TV, phone service and broadband fast Internet

3. What is a Double Play Bundle?

A double play bundle is a combination of any of the following two services: cable or satellite TV, high speed Internet, and phone service.

4. I don’t need a Triple Play Bundle. Can I save money on just two services?

A Triple Play Bundle isn’t the only way to save money. Opting for a double play bundle that combines two services from a single provider will almost always cost you less money.

5. Can I still get Triple Play TV if Cable isn’t Available in my Area?

Triple Play TV isn’t just a privilege reserved for people in metro areas. Satellite service from a provider like Dish Network gives you the option of adding high speed dish Internet and a telephone bundle to your TV programming—at significantly lower rates than you’d get from multiple providers.

6. Where can I get the best deal on a bundle service package?

BundledService.com is a great place to find deals on double play and TV Triple Play bundles.  Tell us exactly what you’re looking for and we’ll help locate the best deals on bundle service packages in your area. We search, you save.

7. Can I get Fiber Optic Tv and Internet in a Bundle Package?

The introduction of Fiber Optic TV and Internet generated a lot of excitement. You can also add phone service and enjoy the savings that a triple play bundle offers. See about Fiber Optic TV and Internet availability where you live.