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Cable Internet is the one of the best ways to experience the full range of features that today’s Web offers. High performance plans provide speeds that can reach 50 Mbps. At rates like that, your Internet cable speed plan outpaces dialup by a measure greater than one-hundred. With cable internet service, there’s no need to use a phone line to access the Web or email. Your Internet cable speed connection is always on; go ahead and make calls while you surf the Web. Some consumers in the mood to abandon dialup service may consider DSL high speed Internet. Many DSL high speed Internet providers often claim their technology can rival and even outperform cable internet. This is pure myth. DSL providers fail to mention that their technology is distance sensitive, meaning only subscribers living near the provider hub will pick up a strong signal. For many DSL subscribers, this equals a subpar Internet experience. Only cable internet can guarantee a fast and steady connection, plus groundbreaking entertainment and technology. Now for a look.

The swift connection that defines Internet Speed Cable also delivers fast downloads. Top-tier plans let you download large files like feature-length movies, video games, and files of every type in a flash. Even standard Internet speed cable packages provide fast downloads, especially MP3s and small video files. Your Internet speed cable package also provides quick upload times. Enjoy photo sharing? Uploading pictures and sharing them with family and friends on popular social media sites is a breeze with your broadband fast connection.

Some may find it surprising, but there’s a way to enjoy HDTV viewing other than your television. It’s your home computer. Cable Internet transmits a high-bandwidth signal, allowing HD movies and TV programs to play on your computer monitor. There are two ways to go about HDTV viewing. You can download them, or view them on streaming TV video sites. More and more online visitors are turning to Websites that stream TV and movies in HD. Streaming TV video sites air entertainment without any need to download. This leaves more open space on your hard drive and provides instant access to a wide assortment of your favorite titles.

If you call yourself a die-hard gamer, your Cable Internet service provides enticing possibilities. Compete in multiplayer games like World of Warcraft, Lineage II, and Final Fantasy XI. Minimal lag lets you battle against spirited opponents with genuine vigor as you vie for top online ranking. Your Internet speed cable connection lets you take your enthusiasm for online gaming to new heights. If you haven’t already, explore the emerging world of massive multiplayer online games where hundreds of thousands of gamers can simultaneously compete in the same game. Also, traditional game consoles like Xbox, Play Station 2, and the Nintendo Game Cube are easy to include with your online gaming regiment.

Activating Cable Internet puts a world of online technology and entertainment right at your fingertips. You’re right to feel enthused about that, but make sure to devote serious thought to your online security. Your Internet speed cable includes a full-scale online security plan, providing complete protection against viruses, trojans, and spyware. This brings peace of mind, letting you focus on all the perks that come with the best broadband fast connection.